Audio Bullys - We Don't Care

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  • Citing their influences as The Specials, The Kinks, The Beatles and hardcore, UK garage and house, Audio Bullys new release We Don't Care - a tune that sits on the fence dividing dirty house, punk/ska and a little UK garage (probably closer to speed garage than 2-step). Add the pommy accents on top for an interesting mash up of street sounds to be heard since The Streets debut. Dirty Edit "What The Fuuuuccckkk!" - out of the 3 this is the most punk oriented, starting the tune off with the punk vocals, guitar and bass sample and a stomping four to the floor bass drum beat. Halfway through the tune changes to a funky house groove then back again to the original theme. One for the geezas on the floor with a beer in one hand. Sicilian Dub On a housey breaks tip, the Sicilian dub muffles the vocals a little and adds in a simple yet effective bassline. Not really one for the dancefloor though. Mutiny Vocal Scrub A bit reminiscent of that quirky Basement Jaxx brand of house - steady four to the floor beats mixed with strange stabs (bleeps and bloops style) and dirty bass drops, the Mutiny mix is probably the most club oriented tune out of the three - not too much weird Brit vocals and more emphasis on the beat. The Audio Bullys album, Ego War will be released this month (April 2003), and after hearing this release, the album should be quite a genre bender.