Marcos Cabral - 24 Hour Flight

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  • Having only delivered a handful of releases covering a wide variety of styles, New York City's Marcos Carbal isn't a household name by any means. His productions often dip and dive between slow disco sex jams and proper Shelter-styled deep house monsters, but throughout it all, he retains a distinct air of originality. The title track begins this journey, starting things properly with a chord-filled, mesmerizing burner. While its bright highs might be a turn off, if properly used it's a gorgeous belter. Its partner in crime on the A-side, "Cassandra," is a swell of emotion and comfort—a chillout record that's more ambient than dance. Finishing things off is "Freckles," a stomping, looped burner. Its infectious groove warrants all 15 minutes of its length. Limited in its pressing, this three-tracker will surely go down as a collector's item, so grab this one while you can.
  • Tracklist
      A 24 Hour Flight A2 Cassandra B Freckles