Abdulla Rashim - Asayita

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  • Not much is known of the mysterious Swedish producer Abdulla Rashim outside of his previous release on his self-titled label earlier this year, but one thing is for certain: They know what they're doing in the studio. "Asayita 1" begins simply enough, and without much fanfare, continuing on its sparse path for the entirety of its ten minute length. Haunting atmospherics combine with the dark droning bassline to create a distinctly cavernous, hypnotic landscape for the senses to get lost in. The pace quickens on the flipside, as both versions two and three of "Asayita" are more peak-time friendly. Version two, while partially a sped-up version of version one, retains the consuming drone aesthetic while adding a chugging acid line, allowing astute DJs ample time to bend minds. Version three ramps up the BPMs considerably, but also introduces a warped, off-kilter time signature to the fold. It makes for an unexpected end to a fantastic trio of techno variants.
  • Tracklist
      A Asayita 1 B1 Asayita 2 B2 Asayita 3