Nicole Moudaber - Break It

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  • Few have made the transition from dance music's less visible roles—in her case booker and record label manager—to accomplished producer quite as adroitly as Nicole Moudaber, who has picked up fans from the very top table of DJing, including Carl Cox, John Digweed and Steve Lawler. Now based in Ibiza, Moudaber's first release on Kling Klong is a perfect demonstration of her brand of hard-nosed, driving but fluid techno. The original mix of "Break It," with its tribal tendencies, rolls along at warp speed, with crisp, snapping hi-hats and the merest hint of a female vocal looped over the top. Brooklyn house veteran Victor Calderone, with Mike Frade, fashions a remix which remains relatively true to the original, its more notable additions being a flurry of crash cymbals and a noise that resembles someone falling asleep while using a rotary sander. Moudaber's "Don't Touch My Junk" is underpinned by galloping, clipped snares and a repetitive, indistinct echoey vocal before it explodes into its finale, the kick drums flexing their muscles with growling intent. But while Italian powerhouse, Santos, closes things out with a flailing peak-time version which splices chopped-up military drums to a frenetic onslaught of crashing hi-hats, it's Moudaber's deliriously funk-filled "Break It" that will be your go-to track here.
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      1. Break It 2. Break It (Victor Calderone & Mike Frade Remix) 3. Don't Touch My Junk 4. Don't Touch My Junk (Santos Permanent Jack Remix)