Various Artists - Analysis of a Nihilist Who Wants to Be Famous

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  • English poet William Cowper is largely unremembered aside from one famous line: "Variety is the spice of life." Those who find success, however, often do so because they've thrown variety to the wayside. So, it must be said: the A-side to Obtane and Giorgio Gigli's Social Destruction is yet another techno track rife with haunting pads, a slowly evolving acid line and, by now, a cliché of their production together, sixteenth-note hi-hats. Playing this track next to one of Zooloft's earlier releases would lead you to believe that they were made in the same studio session. More interesting is the duo's ambient track, "Individual Submission," which ties the EP together with some dark 303 work and a chuggingly slow BPM. Variety saves the day with Tin Man. The typically slow burning, deep talking, acid crooner completely shakes things up with "Ghost of Techno." This massive sounding dub techno burner hits all the right targets, with the cavernous reverb on the percussion, its depth charging bass, and its perfect "less is more" construction. Here's one instance where switching things up and keeping people guessing definitely yields a divine result. More than a fair share of consumers will glance at this release and already know in their mind exactly what the two tracks will sound like, which is unfortunate of a release that is half what you'd expect, and half what you wouldn't.
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      A Obtane & Giorgio Gigli - Social Deconstruction B1 Tin Man - Ghost Of Techno B2 Obtane & Giorgio Gigli - Individual Submission To The System