Hudson Mohawke - Satin Panthers

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  • Satin Panthers is the sound of a producer at play. "Can I make a melody that sounds like Sonic The Hedgehog leaking coins from every orifice?" "Why not build a rhythm around trash cans being slammed together?" The key word with Hudson Mohawke's music is possibility. Every track sounds like it almost can't contain its joy. "Thank You" bursts open halfway through, a triumphant synth swelling to an impossibly bright climax. Mohawke has a little bit in common with Night Slugs, but whereas the neon-tinged crew trade in the same colors, Mohawke doesn't seem to harbor L-Vis 1990's pop machinations. He and Rustie zig-zag when they get too close to identifiable structures. "Cbat" begins like a Disney heartwarmer, then uses a strangled cartoon character to eek out its strangely addictive melody; "Thunder Bay" stops a few minutes in just because it can. HudMo is all over the shop here, in the best way possible.
  • Tracklist
      01. Octan 02. Thunder Bay 03. Cbat 04. All Your Love 05. Thank You