John Tejada & Justin Maxwell - Not That, But This EP

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  • There are few producers who've been as prolific as John Tejada. Perhaps this bottomless well of ideas could explain why every one of the American's collaborations I've heard seems to show far more of his hand than that of his partner. Not That, But This is no exception. The cascading, sequential chords of "Domerocker" are a favourite trick of Tejada's; one which he's frequently used in ascending varieties as well. Its bell-like tones remain the focus by dint of no-nonsense percussion. There's little time wasted on clever syncopation, with a muffled kick and skipping hats providing a simple rhythm. Though it employs similar percussion, "Our Aimless Dance" is a little more complex, using a nifty glitch effect to squeeze extra interest out of the upper frequencies. At times, this results in a tortured, 303-like squeal, sans the liquid feel. Nonetheless, the track title is the important part. This is a track that seems to perfectly capture that woozy 9 AM dance where Sunday still seems to stretch infinitely ahead. Meanwhile, "The Friction of the Day" downsizes the lead in order to accomodate wavering pads. It's strangely dichotomous, the lead a searing pulse and the rest soft and cuddly. This time the hook has a circular quality, rolling endlessly along and mutating as it goes. The only remix of the package comes from Germany's Roland M. Dill, who manages to transform "Domerocker" from serene to savage (relatively speaking). Something cowbell-ish and a sharp off-beat twang—hence the name "Twangbang"—set up the rhythm, while Tejada's original chords have been roughed up a bit. It also shows more regard for the dance floor, using big, fuzzy synths to shift through gentle peaks and troughs.
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      01. Domerocker 02. Our Aimless Dance 03. The Friction Of The Day 04. Domerocker (Roland M. Dill's 'Twangbang' Remix)