Stingray313 - Misinformation Campaign

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  • Terry Fonseca called Stingray313's Sphere of Influence full of melancholic bangers, and that's almost what you get on his latest for Trust. The spiderweb melodies are still there, but this time they're not exactly tearjerkers. In fact, you can't really ascribe any particular emotion to them in the end. It's in the ear of the beholder. Stingray's four tunes here do bang, though. That's for certain. Even if "Big Brother's watching," as Lucius Fox repeats in "Who's Watching the Watchers," it's almost impossible not to be impressed by the physicality of the sound. Stingray has cautioned against the improper use of the term "electro" before. There are few better ways to describe Misinformation Campaign, and it likely won't convert non-believers. But make sure to add "some of the best in the past few years" in front for the fans before you throw it around. They'll know what you mean.
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      A1 Herd Instinct A2 Street Theatre B1 Who's Watching the Watchers B2 Defect