Genotype - A Few Too Many

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  • Genotype is one of those drum & bass producers whose tracks are so minutely and compulsively precise that they sometimes feel unapproachably cold. He usually escapes this potential problem by virtue of his taste for cavernous dub atmospherics and steadily capsizing basslines, and his debut for fledgling drum & bass label Ingredients is no different. Start with the b-side "The Director," which is a tad assertive by recent Genotype standards. The snarling drums step in and out of alternately simplistic and complex patterns, suspended above a stomach-churning backdrop of probing bass stabs and manipulated string samples. Then there's "A Few Too Many," which chugs forward in the same direction as last album Ritual Dance, though it's a slightly looser take on the distinctive conveyer-belt-driven progression. The percussive accents flutter frantically and the melodic elements are refracted into broken beams of light, converting the overt dub influences of Ritual into steel and glass. By the time the sloping bassline drills its way into the song it's an anthem in disguise, rolling unassumingly on cruise control and annihilating everything in its path. On paper, "A Few Too Many" is your typical Genotype track, with all the familiar elements in place. In execution, however, it's a slab of carefully refined drum & bass from a junglist legend.
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      A A Few Too Many B The Director