Snuff Crew feat. Robert Owens - Snuff Trax 005

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  • RA's Jack Haighton once wrote, "Nothing can be certain except death and taxes. And perhaps that Snuff Crew's next record will sound like old school house." Indeed, and what better way to re-create classic house than by employing Robert Owens—one of the genre's most famous voices—to sing for you? The original is made up of—surprise!—Roland drums and a warbling 303, which stars both as bassline and lead. Owens' voice complements this mostly-tinted substrate, sounding at once both seductive and menacing. It's only towards the end that a hopeful arp lifts the faint gloom somewhat. Andreas Gehm's remix colours things a little darker, adding big, jellied bass and switching in the angriest of Owens' vocals. It even aims to be more authentically vintage, using shrill blasts of rave whistle; something seldom heard these days. Unsurprisingly, however, it's Steffi's remix which steals the show. Trimming Owens' words to mere vocalisations, the Berlin DJ uses them as a melody in their own right. Cleverly, the original's rolling 303 has also been slashed, removing its squelchy tail to create a whirring, rotor-like noise which spins whimsically up and down throughout.
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      A1 Clarity A2 Clarity (Andreas Gehm's Clarity) B1 Clarity (Steffi's Shake It Down Mix) B2 Clarity (Instrumental Mix)