Djrum - Mountains EP

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  • Previous EPs for Z Audio siblings On The Edge and Smokin' Sessions align Djrum with Synkro, Indigo and DFRNT as one of dubstep's more "cinematic" producers. Followers of the Yardcore Sub FM sessions, however, will be aware that his tastes splay right across the spectrum—a scope proved most potent with his latest release. On Mountains, hip-hop, dubstep and techno freewheel through spacious dubby vistas, not as a Frankenstein of their parts but as a sound in perpetual mutation. Djrum displays his dexterity via the EP's three-part title track, which crafts the same palette of samples, strings and gentle timbers into very different sonic terrains. "Pt. 1" undulates along a steady 4/4 heartbeat that becomes slowly choked with chimes. "Pt. 2 & 3" is flexed over fluctuating tempos before lapsing into an aching reprise. Yet it's the floor-tapered "Turiya" that is the standout here, transforming all of Mountains' subtleties and dub techno cool into a warm and dusty swinger.
  • Tracklist
      A Undercoat B Mountains Pt. 1 A Mountains Pt. 2 & 3 B Turiya