Claire Ripley - Sweat EP

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  • And the prize for the best song titles of the month goes to Maidstone-based Brit house DJ and producer, Claire Ripley. Imagine wandering over in a club, leaning over into the booth and shouting "'DJ Fuckhead'?" (Don't do that to Dave Clarke, though, he'll have your guts for garters.) For a track of such brutal honesty, moniker-wise, the music that accompanies Ripley's original mix is velvet smooth, US-style deepness. It jogs along on a bed of bubbling keys spliced to Sneak-ish pads before a breakbeat interlude announces a change in tempo, and then it's hell for leather to the finish. Mark E, best known for his work for Matthew Dear's Ghostly International imprint and his own MERC label, adds to his fine canon of work with a remix that unashamedly flirts with acid, all rasping squiggles and squelchy bass synths. Flip to the next original Ripley production, "Lois Eats Mud" (another cracking title), for a locked-in deep house groove with minimalist touches—little belches and vocal ticks—that gallops along like a steeplechaser. Straight outta boogie down Staines, UK production duo Bearweasel wrap up proceedings with their "ReThink" of "Lois"; a ghostly tech-edged house bubbler with a bassline that wanders in and out of snappy snares and analogue toms.
  • Tracklist
      01. DJ Fuckhead 02. DJ Fuckhead (Mark E remix) 03. Lois Eats Mud 04. Lois Eats Mud (Bearweasel ReThink)