Move D - Workshop 13

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  • What's wrong with Move D's newest on Workshop? Not much. What's right with it? Not too much either. It just lies there, a little bit quirky, a little bit not quirky enough, puttering along—another Move D 12-inch for the pile. With Workshop's high standard of quality for such things, you're apt to give it a few listens to make sure you aren't missing something. I was too. But I can safely say that the smooth chug of the A doesn't deepen with time, it simply fades into the background. Pop it into a set, and you won't get the screw face. But it won't be screwing itself the other way either. Same goes for the B1, whose analog fantasia twirls along merrily. It's nice.'s nice. You know? The B2 has the sort of quirk that sticks with you: It sounds like an edit of an '80s tune, but the vocals are all wordless ahs and eeyaahs, frustrating any immediate recognition. It's Move D gone Mark E, and it's the most interesting thing here.
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      A Untitled B1 Untitled B2 Untitled