Mosca - Done Me Wrong

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  • "Done Me Wrong" has a rewind built right into it. I just thought I should point that out, so you know what you're getting into here. In a year with "Getting Me Down," "Swims," "Sicko Cell" and other anthems getting rinsed to almost aggravating levels of ubiquity, this Numbers double-header from Night Slugs associate Mosca is the latest to travel down the chain of DJ back-slapping and public salivation. There's a reason why these two tracks inspire so much joy, right down to that artificial rewind that comes one minute into "Done Me Wrong." Once it finally picks up, it's a strange cocktail of 4x4 garage revival and a gloopy bassline stuck to the bottom of the track like a particularly persistent piece of chewing gum. Its greatest asset is Mosca's acrobatic vocal chopping, the catchiest slurring you'll ever hear; if you encountered his excellent remix of T. Williams "Heartbeat" last year, you'll know what to expect. It's also remarkably slow, falling below the now-accepted norm of 130 beats per minute. "Bax," on the other hand, not so much. The B-side that's arguably caused even more hubbub, it's a cheeky hack job of bassline house (of all things) and garage. A violently quivering LFO blob sits beneath a surprisingly fey and thin midrange—all vocal gasps, vintage house chords and orchestral hits—reinforcing it with some much-needed physicality, taking it from silly to deadly serious.
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      A Done Me Wrong B Bax