Kyodai - Mi Rumba EP

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  • The clues on the press release for Kyodai's Mi Rumba nudge you in the direction of Wagon Cookin', a pair of brothers who have been fusing electronic dance music with Latin for the past ten years. This history shows on this EP, which is also their Freerange debut. The title track is like the Rio carnival, smoothened in the direction of deep house—but not too much—with congas, bright organ synths and shrieks. Unlike so much of "world music meets dance music," however, it's clearly built for modern (house and techno) dance floors. Genius Of Time add a lushness to proceedings. It's got the same kind of tenderness as their excellent Trickski remix a few months ago, with similar background pads, but there's less melancholy to it. It's almost too sweet, but stays on the right side, with the descending kick drums adding some much needed oomph. "Illusions" is shimmery and funky deep house, with a voice washed in delay crying "no, no, no." ("No," in this case at least, clearly means "yes".)
  • Tracklist
      01. Mi Rumba 02. Illusions 03. Mi Rumba (Genius of Time Mix) 04. Mi Rumba (Genius of Time Beats)