Farben - Xango

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  • Taking off his skirt once again, Jan Jelinek's second EP under the Farben name in the past year is just as off-kilter as the last. That's to be expected. Jelinek's work under the name has always been a bit queasy. It's dance music, but it's not dance music you're going to find is necessarily all that functional. They're compositions, not tracks. The kick drum pops instead of booms. The acid blurp on "Xango" might come from a 303. But it's more likely that Jelinek made it sound that way just to further fuck with our heads. That's always been the way for Farben, however. It's electronic music that's changed. There's little room for 4/4 experiments. The DJs can't play them, and the rest are relegated to art spaces. It makes this four-tracker sound even more alien than it already does, as though we're hearing something timeless and from a specific period at the same time. Maybe someday it'll even sound normal in a club, although it probably never did anyway.
  • Tracklist
      A1 LesssseN A2 Xango B1 Parada B2 Eroten reiten auf einen Delphin