Loco Dice - Knibbie Never Comes Alone

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  • Some people might be ready to compare "Knibbie Never Comes Alone" to "Seeing Through Shadows." It'd be an irrational hope, really, which matches up with the fact that Knibbie actually isn't on the same level: it's not as upfront or anthemic, and doesn't have any majorly inventive twists. What it does have, though, is a widespread, well-compiled sound palette and ethereal tone; very decent tech/minimal crossover in its own right. The title track is more willowy, made out of delicate crackles and bell sounds, with the kick being the only thing of any real substance. "Loose Hooks" is more pumping, but ephemeral as well; this time, it's largely down to the whirring marimbas. Because of its more solid constitution, the latter might be a more obvious dance floor choice, but in both tracks, the lightness belies their sense of purpose.
  • Tracklist
      A Knibbie Never Comes Alone B Loose Hooks