Dana Ruh - Kickboxing

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  • Dana Ruh's recent remix of Vahagn's "Relapse" was her introduction on Buzzin' Fly, and the way she worked the track demonstrated her functional bent. Kickboxing follows straight down this road. The word "functional" can have connotations of drabness, but this EP is functional in the best way possible. The title track has a tight, detailed rhythm produced with finesse from micro-hats and marimbas: it's everything a rolling deep tech track should be. The recurring lyrics hit a blue note—briefly off-key—to keep things interesting. While "What I'm Telling You" is a more filler-y version of "Kickboxing," "This" and "That" are an obvious pair. They're the type of techy, wonky jack tracks that can come across as slightly comical on headphones, but this is subverted into an off-the-wall surrealism on the dance floor. With an uber-punchy drumline, it's something different to the other two, but because of Ruh's versatility they're laid down just as solidly.
  • Tracklist
      01. Kickboxing 02. That 03. This 04. What I'm Telling You