Bibio - T.O.Y.S.

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  • "Take Off Your Shirt," the third single following Bibio's Mind Bokeh album, is guitar-laden and, with a heavy kick, sounds like any number of dance-influenced bands. Except for two things: firstly, it's better, with tight, chattering rhythms in the vocals and lyrics that aren't hackneyed. Secondly, the other tracks are well-written pop songs in the same vein, but stylised in ultra-electro neon, with lashings of vocoders, DX7 sounds, big snares and even ripping guitar solos. It's an absolute treat for anyone with an '80s fetish, and who doesn't have an '80s fetish? Cough. Even if you don't, "You Were Right" is jubilant and wistful, and "Chancylvania" is sweeter, with a French vocoder out of Modeselektor's "2000007" and chunky skanking kicks, and a nicely done two-part structure. "Take Off Your Skirt" is an amusing way to name a song that turns the title track into a live ballad, complete with stadium crowd noises. The vocals are vocoded this time, and it's remarkable in that it succeeds in being a long list of distinct things—funny, endearing, powerful, artistic—all at the same time.
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      01. Take Off Your Shirt 02. You Were Right 03. Chancylvania 04. Take Off Your Skirt