Jason Fine - Menange At Trois

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  • Omar-S must really like to fuck. But, hey, who doesn't? His new CD on FXHE has an uncomfortably extended porno sample smutting up its third track, and the A-side on Jason Fine's newest 12-inch for the label pumps a naughty sounding vocal throughout its length as well. In both instances, the music would probably work well enough without it. In fact, Fine's jaunty keyboard line would almost seem welcoming—family-friendly house. But there she is again, taking the track in another direction. It's a push-pull that serves the whole thing well. Still doesn't make it less awkward to listen to in an office, though. On the flip, the woman just comes out and says it: "Jack yo bodda, all night long." (Just in case you were unsure, she repeats this at least 57 more times.) Fine uses divebombing synths to garnish a simple house thump, and it makes all the difference: They warp the forward momentum, giving curves to an already shapely figure.
  • Tracklist
      A Menange At Trois B Jack Yo Bodda