Ame and Dixon in London

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  • Innervisions Presents An Evening with Dr Caligari was an unusual night out that certainly went against the standard conventions of nightclubbing. The party, held at The Roundhouse in Camden, was based around designer Ron Arad's interactive Curtain Call—a circular installation made from 5,600 silicon rods—with the first half of the night dedicated to a showing of The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari, a 1920s silent horror classic for which the Innervisions crew re-wrote the soundtrack. The film was projected on to Arad's artwork, which was erected right in the middle of The Roundhouse, taking advantage of the venue's shape perfectly. It made for a subdued yet entertaining start to the evening, with Âme, Dixon and Henrik Schwarz performing their soundtrack live in the centre of the curtain (where the sound quality and acoustics were astounding). Some observers stood and watched, while others opted to sit down. The Innervisions crew climbed behind the decks shortly after the film's conclusion. Now, unsurprisingly, given of the nature of the evening, the event had attracted a diverse crowd of people, from old to young, film buffs and ravers, and those who were just plain curious. This made for an interesting atmosphere inside the curtain—around the DJ booth were the party people, swarming around the decks to see the team in action, while the further back you went to the edge of the curtain the less people seemed to be moved by the music. A fair few chinstrokers were in attendance, but that didn't matter to those who'd come to party, and most of the music lovers at the front were completely oblivious to the more serious, stationary folk. Âme's Frank Wiedemann and labelmate Henrik Schwarz were first on, delivering a sublime start to the second part of the evening, their music perfectly complemented by stunning visuals projected on to the curtain. A wonderful set ensued, taking those were willing to participate through the many facets of house, and energising those who'd maybe become slightly subdued through watching the film earlier. The other half of Âme, Kristian Beyer, and Dixon then stepped up, kicking their set off with a very minimal opening, which gave those who'd enjoyed Wiedemann and Schwarz a bit of time to recuperate. They soon began to pick up the pace, rolling out a tight mix of old and new music, slipping in vocals and progressing into harder beats and heavier basslines. By the time Solomun's mix of "Around" by Noir & Haze made its way into their set, only the hardcore few were left, enjoying the music and visuals as intended. By the time the music stopped, it became clear that the night was indeed a fantastic and unique experience, only slightly tarnished by those who were there merely to observe and not immerse themselves in the evening's activities.