Simon Baker - Grey Area Remixes

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  • "Grey Area" was one of the standout cuts from Simon Baker's debut LP, Traces. It seems to sum up what Baker is all about in just six minutes: It was understated, effortlessly cool and had a damn fine groove to shake your booty to. The track bounds along on a simple bass/synth hook combo that is captivating in its austerity. Its velvet-clad paws are unquestionably the track's centrepiece, but they never dominate, allowing the rest of the elements—vaporous pads and lolloping keys included—ample space to breathe. With their remix, Burnski and Robert James explore an impressive amount of sonic space, with Inner City-esque stabs piercing white clouds of reverb and delay that drift carelessly off pretty much every other element introduced. It's dreamy and ambitious, but with the bassline of the original left relatively unaltered, it still manages to retain an earthy groove. Steve Bug goes darker with his effort, adding a creeping sinister synth that gets ever more gravelly as the track progresses. It's sound, but the majority of the plaudits will surely remain on the mantelpiece of the original.
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      A Grey Area (Steve Bug Remix) B Grey Area (Burnski & Robert James Remix) Digital: Grey Area