The Black Dog - Liber Kult

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  • Liber Kult is the first of three new Black Dog 12-inches aimed straight at the dance floor, rather than the giant waiting stations of last year's triumphant Music for Real Airports. But "Black Chamber Order," the A-side, could easily fill JFK or Heathrow given half a chance. The track immediately establishes its pleasurably dark 3 AM vibe; that little piano rivulet is clearly intended to send shivers down the back, but they never overdo a thing. It's vibrant, and Sheffield to the core, another authoritative piece of work in a catalog full of them. "Bass Mantra" is the kind of title you might expect to have come from 1995, and it is assigned to a track that has the kind of mantra-like bass you might also expect to have come from 1995. Obviously, the technology differs now, so the low end glows more and seems deeper. Cannily, they make clear how much deeper: as the track goes on, the bass seems to gain in three-dimensionality, while slow-mo filtering and acidic builds give the track an unexpected, delicious lurch around the mid-point.
  • Tracklist
      01. Black Chamber 02. Bass Mantra