Agaric - Who Made Up the Rules Remixes

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  • Agaric's recent full-length was criticized by some as faceless and functional, but these two remixes from Who Made Up the Rules are anything but. Ovum boss Josh Wink steps up on the a-side, streamlining the title track's glistening booty-tech angles into much warmer and more liquid lines. Busy snares scratch out scattered rhythm while jazzy chord stabs keep up a pleasant sense of pumping house pressure throughout—no mean feat given the nine-minute duration. Meanwhile, on the B-side, Axel Boman transforms the frozen depths of "No Way I Know I Feel" with his trademark sense of off-kilter fun and non-linear progression. The original's male vocal becomes more prominent while soulful samples and sunny instrumentals interrupt the otherwise trilling, fairground-like keys which stream in the background. Once the Swede has worked you into a dreamy hypnosis, the sandy beats break, change foot and kick off again into a fuzzy, soft focus world somewhere else altogether.
  • Tracklist
      01. Who Made Up The Rules (Josh Wink Interpretation) 02. No Way I Know I Feel (Axel Boman Remix)