Dadub - Monad VIII

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  • A shift toward the experimental and avant-garde has seen Berlin based imprint Stroboscopic Artefacts ferry itself from the rubber stamp of dance music label to conceptual enterprise. Xhin's Link, Lucy and Ercolino's Gmork and Frank Martiniq's Blast Corps were all important in establishing the label and its hard-edged sound. Chevel's launch of the Monad Series in 2010, though, saw the label embark on a sequence of quickfire releases that encouraged artists to implement electronica, breakbeat and dubstep styles as well. Donor, Xhin, Pfirter, Perc, Markus Suckut, Go Hiyama and others have all since delved deep into the concept and, in so doing, broadened the idea of what Stroboscopic is all about. Monad VIII sees the label's mastering team Dadub continue in coupling the label with words like scientific, introspective and confrontational. "Hadean" opens with a flurry of schismatic throbs pummelling in and around a vast and subaqueous environment. Delaying vox that repeat the phrase "evolutionary feedback" paves the way for the dusky forward drive of "Illya," Dadub's homage to Ilya Prigogine, whose foundation of The Centre for Complex Quantum Systems and research into dissipative structures won him a Nobel Prize. "Aminion"'s syncopated shuffle then straddles wave after wave of shimmering candescence for eight minutes of breakbeat dynamism. Whereas the previous tracks question the boundaries of techno and IDM, "Biopoiesis" remains pure in its IDM ideology. The beatless piece allows for the duo's revered mastering techniques to once again unearth potential frequencies lost in conventional mix downs.
  • Tracklist
      01. Hadean 02. Ilya 03. Amnion 04. Biopoiesis