Various Artists - Kosmhabt

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  • If I ever manage to moonwalk (not the MJ thing), I might well choose the A-side to Kosmhabt as the soundtrack. It's not so much that it has a stereotypical cosmic feel; it's just that the synths are so drained of colour as to be dead, lifeless, space incarnate. Area 51 is a label from Madrid, and the founder—Sowing Paranoia—leads off the release with "Replicante," an icy number punctuated by blipping transmissions. The hi-hats—and the accompanying cymbal taps—never try to establish a charged rhythm. With the sparse bassline, the three float weightlessly about, bumping gently into one another before moving off to their next collision. It might have been a plain track, but for a chirping, cricket-like noise which appears at unexpected times. In "Posthumana," bloodless synths again play a large part, but this time they're more like bridges, rather than a canvas. It's a little reminiscent of Zadig's "OO_D" from June; hook-focussed with an emphasis on effects. The motif isn't as strong though; it's really the track's shifting backdrop which makes the whole thing worthwhile. The B-side is awarded to Jorge Bule, another Spaniard. A fairly typical slice of dub, "Ibk" sets about restoring some vibrancy to the record. However, where similar tracks can take on a viscous—even sluggish—feel, "Ibk" has a lighter quality; its spangled chords sailing above the striding bassline. "Weg" finishes the task; a joyful and unexpected ditty given the airlessness found elsewhere on the record. Taking a seemingly endless number of crystalline chimes and gleeful arps, Bule cycles methodically between them. For some, it might slip too far into syrupy sweetness. For others, the twanging analogue bass and faint sense of euphoria will be irresistible.
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      A1 Sowing Paranoia - Replicante A2 The Transhumans - Posthumana B1 Jorge Bule - Ibk B2 Jorge Bule - Weg
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