Melchior Productions Ltd. - Bums 4 Higher

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  • It's easy to lose sight of just how much Thomas Melchior has produced over his time within the music industry. He's been refining his sound for, roughly, over 20 years. This refinement is key though: If you're going to make music as inherently odd as his, you need to get it right. "Swinger" takes a happy-go-lucky, syncopated rhythm and sees jovial horns layered on top, creating a pleasant house roller that's hard not to groove along to. That is, of course, until halfway when he melts your head with a synth line that makes no discernable melodic sense. This is where the experience comes to light: With a lesser producer this may sound forced or contrived but Melchior reins it in just enough to create another signature Perlon WTF moment. "Heads Down" takes the crown on this EP, though, with its bubbling, muted bass and swung drums playing timekeeper to lewd mumblings that interchange with another oddball synth. More refined than the A, more restrained too.
  • Tracklist
      A Swingers B1 Head Down B2 She Like