Samuli Kemppi - Arabia EP

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  • A lot has changed since the arrival of Samuli Kemppi on the international techno scene a little over eight years ago. The stripped-down and dusty Ostgut Ton aesthetic rose to prominence throughout the late '00s, helped by the continued success of its core artists. Meanwhile, the turn of the decade saw a new sound—championed by labels like Time To Express, Stroboscopic Artefacts and Prologue—rapidly ascend, characterized by the unrelenting vision of its proponents. Kemppi has been among the artists mixed up in all of this. The Helsinki-based artist's latest entry to the Perc Trax catalogue exhibits a sound more delicate than the label has been playing host to of late. Opener "Heat of 1000 Degrees" plays with a streamlined kick and intricate midrange, even making use of melodic keys before a weighty breakdown at its midpoint. The more aggressive "Spirit of Elibop" follows, its chainsaw bass building up to a rewarding intensity that never gets out of hand. US duo Donor & Truss turn "Spirit of Elibop" into an echoing bleep-riddled plodder, the second half of which provides some of the release's best moments. Dead Sound & Videohead then round things out with a digital bonus, contributing a ruthless rework of "Heat of 1000 Degrees" for what stands as the 12-inch's most abrasive track. When it's all said and done, though, it's the label's willingness to give Kemppi's more subtle textures an airing that will ensure Perc Trax continues to stand as one of techno's more relevant imprints.
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      A Spirit Of Elibop B1 Spirit Of Elibop (Donor & Truss Remix) B2 Heat Of 1000 Degrees Digital: Heat Of 1000 Degrees (Dead Sound & Videohead Remix)