Alex Celler - Blue Vaudeville

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  • For several years now, Greece's Alexandros Berdos—AKA Alex Celler—has been plying his brand of dance floor-focussed tech house on labels like Moon Harbour, Tuning Spork and Cecille. Four-tracker Blue Vaudeville makes no move to deviate from the past. The title track gets to work with vaguely tribalistic percussion, quickly packing in a thick bassline. Pulled from The Matrix and popping up at various junctures, Laurence Fishburne's voice seems wholly pointless here. However, it does pair reasonably well with the transcendent synths which Celler uses for melody. Shonky's remix of "Blue Vaudeville" again shows his love for the DX100 (or something that sounds like it). Last year's "Le Velour" used the same sound; a buttery kind of bass more famously found in Orbital's "Chime." Vintage Roland drums and the original's dreamy synths supplement this. Like Celler's version, it has a decent groove but never really goes far. "Dawn in the Jungle" and "Eccosaise" are cut from much the same cloth. Tribalistic percussion again takes the fore with wailing chants (male and female, respectively) adding bulk. They've potential, but a lack of ideas foils their advancement—a common theme throughout.
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      01. Blue Vaudeville 02. Blue Vaudeville (Shonky Remix) 03. Dawn In The Jungle 04. Ecossaise