Speedy J & Gary Beck - Vaag

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  • In the past, Gary Beck's output has tended towards very Drumcode-ish sounds. Indeed, he's even released with them. As fans of the imprint would know, its artists are generally fond of loops, insistent percussion and bold low-end. On his own label, Beck has clung to this aesthetic even more so. Take away the vocals on April's "Hands in Mine," for example; the result is a barrelling freight train. Beck's "Deranged Version" of "Vaag" is a bit of a departure from this, one which shows the hand of Speedy J. For one, it doesn't really have a bassline. Instead, a benign but persistent synth swells up in the off beats—where a hi-hat would "usually" go. Thus, the hi-hats form a kind of rustling backdrop for the rest of the track, rather than being a rigid force in their own right. Using these basic elements, Beck teases them together and apart, occasionally bringing in some swooshes and siren-like noises for effect. Edit Select's "Slo Hand Dub" smooths down the off-beat synth even more, turning it into a timid, organic pulse. Though Beck's piece doesn't quite have the impetus of most Drumcode tracks, it still has plenty. Conversely, Edit Select's piece focusses more on atmospherics, slowing the siren-like noises to a gassy trickle and floating ever upward.
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      01. Vaag (Gary Beck's Deranged Version) 02. Vaag (Edit Select Slo Hand Dub) 03. Vaag (Speedy J's Fuzzy Bizziness Mix) 04. Vaag (Tool Original Mix)