GU:021 - Deep Dish - Moscow

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  • The latest addition to the GU roster, Deep Dish, serve up a treat of blissful house and a dab of pounding progressive for the latest Global Underground installment from Moscow. Sharam and Ali, after efforts in the last few years including Yoshiesque 1and 2, as well as Renaissance Ibiza, deliver their first, and hopefully not their last mix for the increasingly popular Global Underground series. CD1 begins with 16B’s “Escape”, a vocal record to start things rolling. MAS Collective provides a remix of Soul Providers’ “Rise”, adding a driving baseline early on in the mix. El-Greco’s “Night Watch” is typical of Deep Dish’s smooth approach in the first CD. John Creamer and Stephane K provide a brilliant remix of Nat Monday’s “Waiting” which is closely followed by a tribal remix supplied by Urban Tribes of “The Strong Rhythm”. Deep Dish provide a remix of Iio’s anthem “Rapture” and the mix ends with Dakota’s “Lost In Brixton”, which despite what the title may suggest, is a fitting end rather than a nightmare. Overall CD1 is a fantastic journey into house, nothing too uplifting, however, never a stale moment in the mix. CD2 starts with the fantastic remix by Way Out West of BT’s “Shame”, a real highlight! Sander Kleinenberg provides a funky remix of PMT’s “Deeper Water” while the pace is increased with Dino Lenny’s unique record “I Feel Stereo”, a tune with a vicious baseline. Markus Schultz deep driving remix of Luzon’s “Manilla Sunrise” is a tune that immediately brings comparisons of Luzon’s classic, the bagiou track. Male vocals are the order of the day with Pappa and Glibey’s “Skin Deep” and the mix then concludes with the luscious “Faith” by Envy. CD2 is a slightly more uplifting outing than the first CD, and is indicative of the magic of a peak time Deep Dish set. This is definitely a release that will appeal to plenty of people’s tastes. It has its deep house element as well as the more progressive feel on cd2. It definitely is a worthy addition to the Global Underground series. Tracklisting: CD1 1. 16B - "Escape (Driving to Heaven)" 2. Soul Providers - "Rise" (Mas Collective mix) 3. G-Pal - "I Can See The Light's" 4. El-Greco - "Night Watch" 5. Mechas - "Hot" 6. Nat Monday - "Waiting" (Creamer & Stephane K Mix) 7. Sshh - "Hold That Body" (Wally Lopez & Dr. Kucho Remix) 8. Manaca, Chus & Ceballos - "The Strong Rhythm" (Urban Tribes remix) 9. Dido - "Thank You" (Deep Dish Unreleased Mix) 10. Chab - "The Dub Session" 11. Iio - "Rapture" (Deep Dish Mix) 12. Dakota - "Lost In Brixton" Accapellas: Boogie Balo feat. Roxie - "Chocolate & Peanut Butter" Louie Balo pres. - "Guiding Light feat. Jeannie Hopper" CD2 1. BT - "Shame" (WOW mix) 2. Blackwatch pres. prof. OKKU - "Word Unspoken" 3. PMT - "Deeper Water" (Kleinenberg Remix) 4. Envy - "Falling" 5. Mara - "Coming Down" 6. Fingerfest Inc. - "Autoporno" 7. Dino Lenny - "I Feel Stereo" 8. Fatboy Slim - "Sunset (Bird Of Prey)" (Markus Schultz remix) 9. Luzon - "Manilla Sunrise" (Markus Schultz remix) 10. Accorsi & Robb - "Foundation" 11. Pappa & Gilbey - "Skin Deep" 12. John Creamer & Stephane K - "I wish you were here" (16B remix) 13. Envy - "Faith" (original Jericho mix & MV's moody mix)