Jon DaSilva - Love Is All You Need

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  • Jon DaSilva—Hacienda resident, close cohort of New Order and collaborator on a number of early '90s releases on labels like Soma and Eastern Bloc—waited a hell of a long while to release a record under his own name. Not surprisingly, "Love Is All You Need" makes up for lost time, sounding a lot like what must have been in the man's record bag some 20-odd years ago. You'd be hard-pressed to go more old school than the main mix of "Love Is All You Need," with vocalist Donald Waigh doing his best Jamie Principle and DaSilva's Roland gear chugging along just as it always does. It's great, but why bother? Rush Hour has made a point of reissuing just this sort of thing, so it's not like the Music Box-approved originals are out of reach, and there's honestly no updating or reimagining going on here. The dub mix sounds a bit fresher, with sparkling bursts of piano and ghostly wisps of the original vocal, but I can't help but wonder why DaSilva didn't take his decades of knowledge and push things forward a little. Braille's remix, however, finds a lovely balance between old and new by re-stitching the lightweight original into something equally dense and party-guaranteed. Both with Sepalcure and solo, Praveen Sharma has shown a knack for transforming vocal lines and giving them a pillowy midrange to rest on, and his take on "Love" is a showcase for what this producer does best.
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      A Love Is All You Need (Main Mix) B1 Love Is All You Need (Dub) B2 Love Is All You Need (Braille Remix)