Pigon - Sunrise Industry

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  • Efdemin and RNDM's stated aim for the Pigon project is to find perfect, simple loops with subtle variations. That mission is adhered to fully on their newest 12-inch, with the duo offering up four contrasting electronic delights. Opener "Dirty Float" and closer "Flip Over Pill" are the non-dance floor moments. "Pill" sounds like a xylophone careering around M.C. Escher's Relativity, while if "Float" were indeed in a parade, it wouldn't be so much your standard Macy's cartoon character but rather a delicate, crystalline apparition weaving through the crowd. True to form, both are based on simple loops but the aforementioned subtle variations take things to the next level. Opening and closing a dance 12-inch with beatless excursions is a bold move but it frames the dancier tracks between them. "Painting the Tape" takes a deep house trip that eventually becomes saturated with tape hiss—a refreshing change to the pristine sound that can be found elsewhere. "Sunrise Industry" is just that, sunny and industrial; the relentless bassline keeps things deep while bouncing keys and vocal snippets illuminate the highs. Good morning.
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      A1 Dirty Float A2 Painting the Tape B1 Sunrise Industry B2 Flip Over Pill