Lovefingers & Nitedog - Black Disco Vol. 10

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  • It's been a minute since the Black Disco bosses (Lovefingers and Nitedog) dropped something other than another producer's cache of leftfield edits from locales like Los Angeles, Netherlands and France. In 2010 alone, the label showcased stellar, idiosyncratic and ultimately inscrutable 12-inches from the likes of Future Pigeon's Thriftcotheque, Alexis Le-Tan and Basso. Volume 10 finds the two doing an edit in conjunction with friends as well as on their own. Having just missed soundtracking the Fourth of July, the Stallions (Lovefingers with Doug Lee) drop a deliriously uptempo Italo track with a chant of "America!" shot through with laser and keyboard fireworks before settling into a pounding groove. Nitedog and partner Ryan Edwards then close out the first side with a jungle stomp that is the finest mid-'70s kung fu lesson Barrabas never taught. The slinky and exotic "Slim Jim" (stretched out by Lovefingers) extends a disco curio from soundtrack composer Slim Pezin, yet it never quite gets anywhere. Same goes for the edit of Le Pamplemousse's "Le Spank" b-side "Monkey See, Monkey Do." Mostly reduced to its popping Sly Stone early '70s bassline, it takes the lyric "Don't stretch out on nothing new" literally. After the crazed soca, Francophone rap and Persian funk weirdness of last year's releases, this edition plays it a bit safe.
  • Tracklist
      A1 America (Stallions Edit) A2 Martial Arts (Anonstop Edit) B1 Slim Jim (Lovefingers Edit) B2 Primates (Anonstop Edit)