Dan Andrei - Prima In Cerc Are EP

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  • The release of a new [a:rpia:r] record has become somewhat of an event; no press release, limited numbers, no repress (a recent label decision) and a tendency to sell out fast has given these slices of wax a cult status. Using crowd noise on a track is an easy trick to make it sound more popular when played on a big system; Dan Andrei has utilised this technique on "Double Deez" but has opted to use a sample of a rather tame crowd. This, joined with the yearning guitar riff that is allowed to complete its phrase oh-so sparingly throughout this track, has the effect of making it into a tech house lament. Why it needs ten minutes to make its point, though, is anyone's guess. "TrebuieDa, Prima Incercare" is a different animal altogether; deep, raw and stripped back. This track relies on subtle changes and variations, something Andrei does excellently here. Akin to the water sample in the background, gentle ambience meanders in and out of the beats, creating a blissful serenity to counter the deep and groovy bassline. Is the cult status all hype though? With the previous DJ Sneak EP currently going for €70 on Discogs and this new endeavour by Dan Andrei selling new for over €12 (if it isn't already sold out), it's hard to differentiate between a collectors item and a genuinely good piece of music when investing in a new [a:rpia:r] release. Fortunately, the B-side is worth every cent.
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      A Double Deez B Trebuie da, Prima Incercare
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