Skream - Exothermic Reaction

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  • For those who find themselves new to dubstep or the bass music world in general, it might be a bit hard to figure out why genre originator Skream is so revered. There's always a glimmer of brilliance hiding beneath his slew of mainstream remixes and uneven original material, but it's only a hint these days. Before, with tracks like "Check It" and "Midnight Request Line," it might have hit you over the head. Handy that "Exothermic Reaction" is finally getting released then, because the hallowed London producer's second release on Instra:mental's NonPlus+ label conveniently packages all of Skream's strengths into one walloping punch to the gut. "Exothermic Reaction" does a number on the kind of formulaic aggro-dubstep that rules the clubs these days: the squirming, skronky bassline accumulates debris as snares explode with increasing ferocity in the backdrop. The track's second drop is something to behold, foaming rabidly at the mouth without descending into parody, crucially keeping the sub frequencies in tow. The flipside takes an unexpected angle, throwing the same palette of distortion and disfigurement into something more melodic and sensual. "Future Funkizm" is Skream's own fiercely mechanistic take on the warm, gooey synth funk of producers like Hudson Mohawke.
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      A Exothermic Reaction AA Future Funkizm