Sierra Sam & Marcus Vector feat. Jonny Cruz - Anyone

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  • On records, little things can take on big resonance. The smoothest touch of Sierra Sam & Marcus Vector's "Anyone" isn't Jonny Cruz's vocal—rather sing-songy and a bit nasal, which in context gives it extra appeal—but a conga-like (albeit mechanical-sounding) percussion overdub. It plays a simple pattern: in full flight, [pause] 1-2 [pause] 1-2-3, and occasionally a teaser will just play 1-2 after the second pause, to build anticipation. But that fill buoys everything, lending the clean, pile-driving house groove some syncopated looseness, in a way that goes right to the upper body: I pity the shoulders that can stay still during this one. Quenum's filter-heavy version has a dark, synthed-up sweep that seems made for big rooms. Cesare vs. Disorder's goes in for a similar metallic tonal palette, but the darker elements mostly occur in the middle, as synth chords are pitch-bent further and turn sinister at the corners, before the track puts itself back on a straighter, galloping path. The Polar leans on an organ that an old Strictly Rhythm classic would be proud to call its own—Cruz's vocal is deployed front and center here—against which the sharp drums work up a lovely tension.
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      A1 Anyone feat. Jonny Cruz A2 Anyone feat. Jonny Cruz (Quenum Remix) B1 Anyone feat. Jonny Cruz (Cesare VS Disorder Remix) B2 Anyone feat. Jonny Cruz (Polar Remix)