Metope - Atlantic EP

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  • Berlin producer Michael Schwanen keeps busy enough—helping run the booking agency Omega Oz, playing in the trio Beachcoma, producing as Metope—that you might figure he's just knocking out the tracks. Based on this EP, that's pretty safely not the case. The three originals that make up Atlantic's first half are meticulously laid out, sometimes so smoothly, as on the tugging title track, that they can slip past you. "Partizan" jacks harder—not in a back-to-olde-Chicago way, just surging bass and ringing cowbell to push things along. "Ghost" lives up to its moniker somewhat by indulging in wispy filters that hover over the track, though the low end digs down so far that everything else floats atop it by definition. Both remixes of "Atlantic" give it a softer focus. Dave DK's version is foggier all around: there's a hesitancy to his three-note bass pulse and flat-four kick that makes the gauzier synths even more relaxed, with restrained snapping and shaken percussion like gilt on the music's edges. Undo's mix filters the synths till they undulate like waves, and does the same with the handclap-like snares, or snare-like handclaps, whichever it is. John Daly hands in the most confident of the remixes—he treats the central synth lines of "Ghost" to a light coating of wah-wah, giving the track a dubbed-up feel while still situating it firmly in house terrain.
  • Tracklist
      01. Atlantic 02. Partizan 03. Ghost 04. Atlantic (Dave Dk Remix) 05. Atlantic (Undo Remix) 06. Ghost (John Daly Remix)