dOP - Your Sex

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  • If you acquire this record I hope you think "mix your sex" is a good expression, because you're going to hear it approximately seven hundred times before it ends. I have no idea what it means. It's either a non sequitur conjured up by three French guys who like how the English words sound, or some kind of promotion for transgender surgery. (The image of an effeminate beardo on the record cover would seem to reinforce the latter possibility.) With a stripped-down techy groove and only occasional synth burst, the tune seems intended to zombify a crowd—you can't really dance to it as much as jerk your body in a voodoo trance. Paul Ritch's remix give you a little more wiggle room, adding synth pads and enlivening the original's skeletal groove, as well as giving you a bit of breathing room from the singing troll. "Half Naked" arguably steals the show, a sexy, captivating mood piece with dubby bass and mysterious spoken vocals. I think the guy is saying "calling your name…on every floor…" Sustained strings, toms and acoustic bass pitter-patter in the spare, murky background. A keyboard melody wafts in through an open window: he's lost her, and in his inebriated state become distracted by some spinning lights. Finally a clap appears halfway through: the chase is on. Art Department's remix gleefully shreds the whole thing and replaces it with a steady Balearic groover that's surprisingly upbeat—nice to hear White and Glasgow step out from their trademark nocturnal habitat for a moment and bask in the sun.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Your Sex A2 Half Naked B Your Sex (Paul Ritch Remix) Digital: Half Naked (Art Department's Shades Of Gotica Remix)