Try to Find Me - Vol. 3

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  • Former Out Hud/ !!! member Justin Vandervolgen's nom d'edit Try to Find Me suggests playfulness as well as obscurity, which his stellar mix CD offered in spades. For his second edit 12-inch on Golf Channel, he again emphasizes playfulness, with a ludicrous banger on the A-side. Sonically, it slots alongside tracks like Prince Language's edit of The Mood or Jackpot's edit of Macho's "Not Tonight" (though you could mistake it for a Dead or Alive b-side, too), with a slurred voice intoning: "I'm a disco dancer, baby" over and over again. It's a sentiment that can trace roots back to this gem, filtered through the sensibilities of '80s new wave. Vandervolgen can't be working with more than 16 bars here, and it's a testament to his touch that he can make it pulse for over seven minutes. Same goes for the exquisite B-side "Needs Ending." Again, Vandervolgen doesn't seem to have more than a few bars of material, but he runs that snippet of sound through so many dub effects that it swiftly becomes a transcendent chugger of the same low-BPM caliber as Carly Simon's "Why" or Grace Jones' "La Vie en Rose." Heads have clamored for this since it cropped up on the Soft Rocks' Beats in Space setlist and Golf Channel's own mix at Test Pressing, so it's not to be missed. Simply put, it's an outright nu-Balearic classic: slinky, bouncing, heartbreaking yet hypnotic. A female voice laments: "I just can't seem to end it," and you wish that Justin never would.
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      A I'm Dancer B Needs Ending