Adam Beyer and Alan Fitzpatrick - Human Reason

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  • With the quality of his Insurgent Series EP earlier this year, it's both unsurprising and welcome to see Alan Fitzpatrick collaborating with Adam Beyer, despite only having released on Drumcode for a couple of years. The only complaint that one might've had about Insurgent Series was its clinical nature, but the teaming up has sorted that out: Beyer's influence has these tracks feeling more spontaneous and aggressive while Fitzpatrick's tight rhythms, his forte, are still there as well. Rather than being inventive, "Human Reason" is simply a culmination of their experience: dance music executed with intimidating amounts of panache. It's certainly Drumcode in the mechanical efficiency of the hits and drum track, but veers toward the groovy, flowing end of the DC spectrum rather than the pummelling one. With no melody or hooks to speak of, it's concerned solely with rhythm and flow. "Tor" is submerged in blue-black, putting the breaks on a bit and heading in the direction of tech house. Having previously released on Drumcode and Break New Soil, Patrick Siech's visceral remix distorts and bit-crushes the high-mid rhythms hard until they crackle, and the lead line is thinned and rearranged into something more rabid. Swedish duo Skudge offer the EP's curveball, with psychedelic circus vibes which give quite a lot more stage room to melody. Three or so intertwining lines are effected into hazy indistinctness. Quality control at Drumcode is high, but this EP's particularly good.
  • Tracklist
      01. Alan Fitzpatrick and Adam Beyer – Human Reason 02. Adam Beyer – Simple Maze 04. Adam Beyer – Simple Maze (Skudge Remix) 05. Alan Fitzpatrick and Adam Beyer – Tor