Gregorythme - Yangango

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  • Over the last couple of years Gregorythme has been a stalwart of the slow burning Cityfox and its limited offshoot. Yangango is typical of the sound he is developing, an unobtrusive take on house with enough specific detail to keep things interesting. "Too Big To Fail" isn't the most arresting track, but it has depth. The fundamentals are simple: a mournful moan, a melancholic swipe of strings, a circular beat and an omniscient bell that eventually heralds a fuller sound. They're further developed in the Digitaline remix, which turns things tribal by toughening up the percussion. The results are predictable but satisfactory—it was just what the track needed. "Yangango" has taut strings that rub shoulders with amorphous voices under which are placed brisk pads. Like the other two tracks, it's a disciplined sonic excursion. Gregorythme hasn't offered a huge range here, but his attention to detail is admirable: It's a less-is-more approach that succeeds.
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      01. Too Big Too Fail 02. Too Big Too Fail (Digitaline Edit) 03. Yangango