Danny Daze - Your Everything

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  • I don't know if this is a coincidence or an accident or something in the air or what, but the lizard-brain-evoking semi-sung treated-male vocal is as much a 2011 house meme as the back-to-'87 thing. So when a pitched-down, flanged-out Louisahhh utters the words "the way you walk, the way you talk" early into Danny Daze's "Your Everything," I can't help but flash back to Benoit & Sergio's "Walk & Talk." Coincidence or not, it's not a bad association, and Daze's track has the added advantage of being a clearly structured song rather than a fuzzy monologue, not to mention a refrain ("I'm feeling love") that sticks, accompanied by a growling bass line and filtered horns (I think) that do as well. "Fall Away From Love" is simpler—just a few sampled words sent though a filter while a metallic-tinged synth line grows louder and fuzzier and is fed through delay, then stops and starts all over again. It's not like the filter house of old—the groove is sharp and brisk in the Hot Creations manner—but it's not all that far away from it in spirit, a son-of-dub technique utilized here nicely.
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      A Your Everything feat. Louisahhh! B Fall Away from Love