Tiger & Woods - Gin Nation

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  • In December 2009, Tensnake played "Gin Nation" early in his RA set. It was the fourth track, and he used it to shift things up a gear. The two-halved character of the song allowed him to do it and it's, for me, what makes "Gin Nation" so special. The track wanders, and seems to naturally hit upon an elevated, ecstatic state in its second half. (It also helps that it's an on-point revamp of what was a great tune in the first place, Imagination's "Music and Lights.") At first I didn't realize the duo took pretty much everything here from that song and a little bit from "Just an Illusion." It's a re-edit, but a creative one, and the fact that it makes so much funky, jubilant sense is pretty impressive. "Kissmetellme" doesn't lift off or wander so widely. That's not a criticism. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, as they say, and it's got all the blatant positivity of the A-side. Clarity's "The Way You Make Me Feel" is the raw material this time. It's got bigger drums (including a smashing '80s snare, in both senses of the word) and a different flow that catches a groove and rolls. The two tracks each stand alone, meaning that it all adds up to a very round package, and one that—if you missed it the first time—should surely be near the top of every lowtempo disco/house fan's shopping list.
  • Tracklist
      A Gin Nation B1 Kissmetellme B2 Kissmetellmemore