Dance Disorder - Metallic Italic

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  • There's something oddly out of time about this record. The squinchy synth line could have come off of an early Depeche Mode side, or a Sun Electric B-side circa '93, or whatever nu-disco act you want to claim as favorite. Its phased sequencing gives it a lightly psychedelic cast that's both very computer and very sunny-day-at-the-park, yet "Balearic" doesn't quite cover it. I mean, the "Club Mix" does push the drums for big-room play—a touch I like for its honesty. Clearly, Camilla Luna (whose semi-spoken vocal fits nicely in the mind's ear near Nina Kraviz's on "Pain in the Ass") and Robin Crafoord, not to mention BPitch Control, know what they've got on their hands. The Snuff Crew remix trades in the original's blissful vibe for something tauter, with high-pitched string pads, rat-a-tat snares and electro-handclaps giving it a later, darker feel, as does concentrating on a short, mnemonic keyboard phrase rather than the curling synths of Dance Disorder's mixes. Jeremy Glenn and Massimiliano Pagliara's remixes (the latter digital-only) concentrate far more on Fernandez's vocal. Glenn gives it a playfully squelchy house treatment complete with thunking, son-of-"No Way Back" bass—down the middle, but crafty. Pagliara's leisurely tempo and gliding synths feel a little more post-disco—but only a little.
  • Tracklist
      01. Metallic Italic 02. Metallic Italic (Snuff Crew Remix) 03. Metallic Italic (Club Mix) 04. Metallic Italic (Jeremy Glenn Remix) 05. Metallic Italic (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)