Jichael Mackson - Bob's You're Uncle

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  • Boris Steffen doesn't grace us with records all that often. Listening to his output, though, and you get the sense that the wait is largely due to the care and attention paid to every beat, glitch and wobble. That's exactly how Bob's You're Uncle EP sounds at least: Unrushed, collected and entirely assured. The epic "Gedons" morphs several times during its fifteen minute running time, beginning its life as a melancholic jaunt through windswept half-whispers and shifting sand dunes of synth and ending up a tumultuous storm of swooping robotic raptors, tearing the meat and bones of the tracks to pieces. As indulgent as it is to make a track this long, its real genius is that it never feels indulgent. Quite the opposite in fact. Cutting down the length would have done it a disservice, and not allowed it enough breathing space for this organic monster to reach its full potential. The power and groove of the bassline drives the other two tracks forward here. Dark, intimidating and purposeful, it bludgeons through your chest and rattles your heart around inside it, always seeming one step ahead of where you expect it to be. And while "GTI" and "Venga" don't quite live up to "Gedon," the off-kilter metallic warps of the former and twisting ambient shadows of the latter still leave plenty of cavernous soundcapes to explore.
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      01. Gedoens 02. GTI (Zimbabwe Mix) 03. Venga (8:08