Emptyset feat. Cornelius Harris - Altogether Lost Remixes

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  • The remixes keep pouring in for Emptyset and Cornelius Harris's ultra-intense, scare-your-parents anti-anthem "Altogether Lost," released earlier this year on Chris Liebing's long-running CLR imprint. And like SCB, Peverelist and Mr. Liebing himself before them, the latest crop of producers to try their hand at the track each attempt to rend a groove from source material that's admittedly not all that groovy. Ben Klock, a prolific remixer sometimes even for the same release, can see a track from multiple viewpoints and isn't afraid to present opposing stances. The two he offers here, the Glowing Clap and Glowing Pad remixes, are as similar as their titles suggest: both reclaim the blown-out rhythms of the original for sexed-up dance floors, with the latter adding an extra layer of acute paranoia. If they lack the extreme immediacy of the original—well, I sense that's precisely the point. Since few remixers are as ambitious as Ripperton, it's hardly surprising that he'd be handed the stems to a track so open to interpretation. Though moody and expansive (and thus entirely unlike the original), this "Underground Kingdom Mix" is actually rather restrained and straightforward: tuned clicks, somber pads and an even more somber piano line ramp up until the bottom falls out, giving way to an extended airing of Harris's poetic musings. If the original took us to the darkest moment of the night, then Ripperton's reimagining takes us a few hours later, sketching the faintest glimmer of sunrise.
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      01. Altogether Lost (Ben Klock's Glowing Clap Mix) 02. Altogether Lost (Ben Klock's Glowing Pad Mix) 03. Altogether Lost (Ripperton's Underground Kingdom Mix) 04. Altogether Lost (Original Dub Mix)