Ahmet Sisman - Dancer in the Dark EP

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  • Though Ahmet Sisman's latest EP sees him offering up four different takes on languid house music, there's a sense of humid, steamy ethnicity to the proceedings overall. Operating in the downbeat nether regions of 4/4, they're thick with dark emotions and alive with a sense of impending doom that never quite manifests itself (at least not overpoweringly so). Opener "Unknown Destination" is a dark, almost hymnal house chant that interlopes through tinkling cymbals, swollen subby throbs and jaundiced male vocal groans before "The Third Room" pushes forward with a greater density and more intent. "Get Low" is the most incendiary and purposeful, though, somehow managing to make a standard whooshing-air piston release sound worthy of its place amongst wet claps, more groaning, libidinous male vocals and a bumping, chugging bassline that undulates enough to keep momentum building throughout. "Dark Side of the Moon" stands out for the way a disenchanted, lovelorn tension hangs in the spaces between Sisman's searching, furturistic synths, Redshape-recalling icy cymbals and disheartened kicks, all of which manage to strike a sleep-deprived, end-of-the-night vibe which would have you dance one more weary, tired dance for following an emotional night on the floor.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Unknown Destination A2 The Third Room B1 Get Low B2 Dark Side of the Moon