Spectr - Dance 4 Me

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  • You may remember Spectr from the 2003 proto-dubstep single "Red Hot"—the very first release on the renowned Hotflush label. You probably know him better these days, however, as Scuba. Either way, you wouldn't think that the Spectr releasing in 2011 on Roska's Kicks & Snares label is at all the same person, as there's nothing dubstep about this release from Paul Rose's long-abandoned alias. These new Spectr tracks are the logical progression from the catchy tech house of SCB's "Loss," taking the candyfloss vocal patterns and needlepoint percussion to their respective extremes. "Dance 4 Me" is a stellar A-side and a worthy successor to "Loss," its helium-laced vocal sputtering in rigid fits over Rose's trademark metallic drums and uncharacteristically catchy chord stabs. On the other side, things get a smidgen subtler with the straightforward thumper "I Know." The vocal still sounds like it was forcefully wrung out of a cartoon chipmunk, but the whooshing chords and bleepy melodies feel like a winking inversion of the kind of poppy UK-based tech house making it big at the moment, the sound of Scuba trying on no-bullshit accessibility instead of the usual dour soundscapes or chunky techno workouts.
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      A Dance 4 Me B I Know