Justice - Civilization

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  • Things get sticky when inspiration turns to craft. Granted, Justice's Cross didn't strike everybody—certainly not everyone who reads this site—as inspired. But it's undeniable that the album caught its moment and went beyond it: certainly, "D.A.N.C.E." had more legs than Uffie, which was surprising in one way and not surprising at all in another. "Civilization" is Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay's big return, and it comes on splashy as glam circa 1974: big, galumphing beat, deliberate tempo, fist-waving chorus, keyboards that split the difference between triumphalist and mock-triumphalist. Too bad the song stumbles into place thanks to a negligible opening verse that inadequately sets up the first big refrain. Justice's demo, as you'd expect, features less sonic schmutz, but hearing the piano chords just state themselves without bleeding into red is proof that keeping things simple and clean works for these guys. But the top version here comes from the Fucking Champs, who just say the hell with it and turn it into the squalling-guitar '80s metal track Augé and de Rosnay don't quite have the stones to make themselves. Party on, dudes.
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      01. Civilization 02. Civilization (Demo Version) 03. Civilization (Mr. Oizo Remix) 04. Civilization (The Fucking Champs Remix)